Thing and No-Things


Visual merchandising creative direction for Loewe

The aim was to create and unify the image of the brand trough the window displays

The "amazona" was intended to be Loewe´s iconic bag, so I decided to treat it as the most precious piece: a strange pearl. arising from the sea depths as Botticelli´s Venus

BCN 09/03/2005

which looked very integrated in the modernist Paseo de Gracia store (Barcelona)

BCN 27/04/2009

from renaissance to the graphic simplification of the comic, from the ocean to the ice cliffs, Loewe liked travellling with the imagination

BCN 27/10/2015

... and specially art trips, like this one to the pop art with a golden trolley

BCN 27/10/2005

...talking about art, kinetic is my favourite

MADRID 27/02/2005

the kinetic windows are alive: they are experienced while walking, biking, running... or driving

BCN 27/10/2005

in other occasions, a good photo campaign is worth enough to be protagonist... and then. it has to be really protagonist

MADRID 27/10/2005

but of course, each campaign demands a different treatment

BCN 27/03/2006