Thing and No-Things
JiGen #1, oil & pigments on canvas, 99x67 cm

JiGen Paintings

Born in Madrid, Baruc was raised in a home overlooking the 17th Century Plaza Mayor.  As a child, he was surrounded by artwork created by his father, an acclaimed painter, and other family possessions, including his grandmother’s crystal chandelier - objects which inspired and nurtured his imaginative life.

Years later, Baruc moved back to his childhood home in Plaza Mayor, where, during the night, he painted shadows cast by the family chandelier. He mixed oils and pigments, experimenting as an alchemist, with no aim or preconceived idea of form or representation.

Baruc calls these paintings “JiGen paintings”, referring to his Zen name (Baruc is a Zen meditation practitioner), “because this form of painting is the pure expression of the self: there is no mind involved in it”.

A continuum of personal artistic evolution, his works have been described as soul paintings or shamanic paintings. However Baruc refers to them as “shadow paintings”, where he abandons every intent to let manifestation happen, “because in painting shadows, the Real emerges.”