Thing and No-Things


Visual merchandising for Hermès

The values I proposed to transmit are:

  • Quality

  • Tradition

  • Functionality

  • Sensuality

  • Time, life, past



The first step was to establish a dialogue: 

                                                    Hermés as a beam of light

MADRID 27/10/2002

Incorporating artisanal, hand crafted values, and opening a door to fantasy and artistry

BCN 03/04/2003

... and leaving a space to wonder

MADRID 27/ 11/2002

I thought about the installlation as a storytelling script, playing with the influence of the objects, evoking the child´s magical thinking

MARBELLA 05/03/2004

...with a blink of humour: luxury in a domestic environment... for a Hermés store is a bourgeois neighbourhood in Barcelona

BCN 20/05/2003

Create is comunicate, and the message has context: the opening of the Madrid store in 2004 were the epicentrum of the real estate construction boom

MADRID 15/09/2005

... and Valencia was about to inaugurate the AVE (high speed train)

VAL 20/04/2004

through art, we are able to connect with the world os desires...

MADRID 27/10/2004

... and create the perfect framework

BCN 22/10/2004

sometimes, we have to remember that a brand is a brand is a...

MARBELLA 27/10/2004

... either by day or by night

VALENCIA 07/10/2004

but even the oldest traditions can be reviewed in a contemporary language

MADRID 27/11/2004

perfect time to buy a Hermés scarf, or a shoe!

BCN 22/11/2004